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For a limited Time

Cucumbers Have Thorns and Snakes Love Strawberries” is masterfully written. It is a non-fiction which has the warmth and laughter of the 2016 hit series “This Is Us,” The emotional journey of “The Color Purple” (Alice Walker), and the triumphant healing of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” (Jack Canfield).
It is about the courageous journey of a father and daughter whose lives are torn apart after he suffers a freak accident while home on leave. The detailed and heart-wrenching path that his daughter must take is set within an unimaginable rollercoaster of life events that often leave a knot so large in the mist of your throat you will wonder if you will ever breathe again. Each page will keep you wanting the next as you follow the main character to a destiny that is delayed, but not denied.